Everyday Rails

This is a work in progress.

Everyday, I learn something about Ruby on Rails and publish a post. My goal is to publish 365 posts this year.


  1. Introduction to the Routing System in Rails (link)
  2. A Brief Overview of the Rails Routing Config File (link)
  3. Rails Router: Dynamic Segments and Query Strings (link)
  4. How to Redirect Incoming HTTP Requests Using Rails Router (link)
  5. How to Point a Rails Route to a Rack Application (link)
  6. How to Add a root Route in Rails (link)
  7. Understanding Named Routes in Rails (link)
  8. How to Override Named Route Parameter ID in Rails (link)
  9. Custom URL Helpers with Direct Routes in Rails (link)
  10. Understanding Resourceful Routes in Rails (link)
  11. Working with Nested Resources in Rails (link)
  12. Understanding Shallow Nested Routes in Rails (link)
  13. Routing Concerns in Rails (link)
  14. Define Custom Routes Using the Member and Collection Blocks in Rails (link)
  15. Map a Resourceful Route to Another Controller (link)


  1. Working with Controllers in Rails (link)
  2. Understanding Rails Parameters (link)
  3. Strong Parameters in Rails (link)
  4. How to Explicitly Render a View in Rails (link)